Why Portfolio Properties Fine Homes?

Portfolio Properties Fine Homes is a family owned midsize real estate development, construction, and acquisition firm based in Chicago we build custom homes on your homesite or on our exclusive inventory of the finest sites in the finest communities located in the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago, as well as the North Shore.

Decades of experience and fair-dealing and sound financial management have allowed us to craft the finest custom home; and home buying and building experience. We deliver the finest in white glove service, on-site construction management, financial transparency and accountability, while providing the home of your dreams at the most competitive price possible with unmatched quality.

White Glove Service

Portfolio Properties Fine Homes eliminates the often heard problems with building a custom home: How much is it going to cost? What are you going to do? How long is it going to take? What’s included and, how can I be sure? Our service starts at an initial design meeting and ends with a best in class warranty; all the while, providing up to date written and verbal communication.

On Site Construction Management

Portfolio Properties Fine Homes leverages large company administrative, legal, and accounting capabilities with highly experienced and credentialed on-site personnel with complete supervision. Portfolio Properties Fine Homes uses the latest in construction management and scheduling software; providing our clients with detailed construction timelines, schedules, pictures, site visits, progress reports and meetings. Each Portfolio Properties Fine Homes (PPFH) trade partner, artisan, and subcontractor has signed our pledge of service, jobsite requirements, warranty, and code of conduct.

Financial Transparency and Accountability

Portfolio Properties Fine Homes goes to work with complete construction, design and purchase and sale agreements and scope of work bid documents written in plain English that clearly outline client, builder, and subcontractor duties and responsibilities, prepares necessary documents for third party funding and appraisers. Portfolio Properties has several preferred legal structures for the home building process that protect both client and builder; that clearly out outline fees, cost of home, and cost of home site. Such transparency provides piece of mind and eliminates surprises and passes cost savings on the client.

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