Green Building

"Green"- what does that mean when building a Custom Home? It means minimizing the environmental impact by utilizing the most efficient home design, construction materials and methods, while planning an environmental friendly operating home. It incorporates, not only energy and water efficiency or the types of materials used to build the house, but also how the house in insulated or even how the house is placed on a lot to ensure the least amount of detriment to the environment.

Portfolio Properties Fine Homes was among the first companies in Illinois to embrace green building and John L. Rogers, its principal, was one of the first in Illinois to earn the National Association of Home Builders, Certified Green Professional designation (CGP).

Since mid 2007, Portfolio Properties Fine Homes (PPFH) is proud to build each house to the recently expanded NAHB green building guidelines. Each of our homes meets the guidelines and standards to qualify for certification at the Silver level as a certified house.*

Since late 2007, PPFH is proud to be an Energy Star® partner. Each new home we build significantly exceeds local and national building codes. All our homes use Energy Star® rated windows, exterior doors, heating and cooling systems, lighting packages, and select appliances, 2x6 construction and extra insulation. Each newly built home has documented and verified potential energy savings of 20% to 30%.

What Green Building means to you and how we do it

We believe green building is not a fad. Judicious use of our natural resources and energy is here to stay. We believe that this is the way all houses will be built, whether required by local governments or by savvy homebuyers.

The benefits of green building include; substantial energy savings. Your home costs less to heat and cool. Increased indoor air quality and piece of mind of “doing well by doing good.” Currently, in addition to energy savings your home may qualify for a “green mortgage” at a reduced rate offered by some lenders and significant tax credits. Please check with you lender, our sales office, or your tax professional.

* Certification of each new home involves third party verification and must be coordinated at the beginning of the construction process and may involve an additional fee.

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